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corruption of champions mod

The original game, Corruption of Champions, is made by Fenoxo, the primary coder, & crew. The Revamp Mod was begun by Kitteh, who is the primary  ‎Marble · ‎CoC Mod · ‎Perk | CoC Revamp Mod Wikia · ‎Egg | CoC Revamp Mod Wikia. [IMG] Welcome to the revamp mod for Corruption of Champions! Last Updated: August 21, [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] We have a. CoC source from fenoxo, modded by Kitteh Corruption-of-Champions-Mod. CoC source from fenoxo, modded by Kitteh Star. 2. All · Team.

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I even threw in Glacial Rift and Volcanic Crag for the endgame characters. Kitsune ovi scene now checks for cock. Not only does the Mod have a presence on Fenoxo's blog , but Trello as well. Save to File should now work again. Aug 19, img Pic Date 4 Image Aug 27, includes Fixed broken disabled buttons Oct 10, lib [fix] Removed stray empty unused? Ant children now count towards ascension. Rearranged farm menus to be tidier. corruption of champions mod

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